Promise I® Poly-Sapphire Bracket

aesthetic bracket
aesthetic bracket




•Easy de-bonding
•Fully transparent
•High strength
•One of the lowest profiles in the industry


•ROTH 018 •MBT 018


•5 pc/pk

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Product Description

The Promise I® has a fully transparent body, any light absorption creates a unique translucent color. The poly-sapphire ceramic material gives the bracket high levels of strength while maintaining flexibility for improved shock resistance. The tie wings feature undercuts that allow for easy and strong ligation. With your patient’s comfort in mind, the Promise I was developed with one of the lowest profiles of any bracket systems in the industry. The patented Mushroom2 mechanical lock base significantly increases bonding strength, while allowing easy de-bonding, using a uniquely designed mesial-distal twist procedure. You can purchase brackets individually, or in full sets.
aesthetic bracket

Additional Information

Additional Information

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